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The true value of Mogambo Solutions lies in our ability to apply knowledge and industry-experience to our work. Judgment and decision making based on experience are what separate and differentiate us from our competitors. This is the benefit of superior IP research services that Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, universities, and global investment banks count on us for.

Customized teams based on each client request.
We staff all projects by matching the various skills our professionals with those required for the client. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows all of our practice groups to utilize specific strengths and expertise of all of our professionals.

Comprehensive service, quality-control, and satisfaction guarantee.
We have established best practices which has made Mogambo Solutions the industry standard when it comes to IP research. Our professionals are trained to produce high-quality, comprehensive work. We guarantee all of our services, and will make every effort to deliver a product which meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations.

Client collaboration from start to finish.
We work with our clients throughout the entire project - from initial consultation, checkpoints, and review after delivery. This collaborative environment enables us to deliver services consistent with the exact needs of our clients.

We take confidentiality seriously at Mogambo Solutions. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and procedures to ensure every aspect of data protection. All delivery of confidential reports and studies occurs on our security-encrypted website, with no exchange occurring over unsecure channels. We welcome any security or confidentiality questions or concerns you may have.